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America told to Pakistan, ‘expel Taliban leaders’.

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Washington, The US has demanded immediate arrest or expulsion of Taliban leaders from Islamabad who are conducting terrorist activities on the Afghan border, so that Pakistani land can not be used to carry out such activities. The statement of the White House has been issued after one day the responsibility of the attack on Kabul’s Inter-Continental Hotel was taken for the Taliban.

At least 22 people were killed in this attack. White House Press Secretary Sara Sanders told reporters, “We have asked Pakistan to immediately arrest or expel Taliban leaders so that this group can not use Pakistani land to carry out terrorist activities.”

Sara said, “In Afghanistan where a terrorist attack on a Kabul hotel, such attacks on the citizens only strengthen our resolve to support our supporters of Afghans. We appreciate the quick and effective action of Afghan security forces. With our support, the Afghan force will continue to disperse the enemies of Afghanistan, who want to spread terror around the world.