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America speaks, China is raising slogans against neighbors, Matiss met Modi.

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Singapore, The United States has once again targeted the Chinese in adopting the controversial expansionist and aggressive policy in South China Sea. US Defense Minister Jim Mattis has said that China’s army is expanding into the Southern China Sea. He said that China is deploying state-of-the-art weapons in disputed marine territories for patronage and grandfathers on their neighbors. Meanwhile, there is a meeting between PM Modi and Mattis in the closed room in Singapore itself. It is believed that discussions have been discussed on common interests, global concerns and security issues. Obviously the South China Sea dispute for these two countries is also an important issue.

Let us know that both PM Modi and American Defense Minister Jim Matisse addressed the annual Shangri-La dialogue. However, the meeting of the two concluded the other of the Shangri-La dialogue. Addressing this high-level security conference, Mattis said that Beijing has deployed many military equipment including anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missiles and electronic jammers in the entire South China Sea. China is also manufacturing artificial islands and structures equipped with state-of-the-art military facilities.

Apart from this, China has also deployed heavy bombers in the forests of Paracel Island. During the Shangri-La dialogue, Mattis said that, despite the contrary claims of China, weapons are being deployed for the purpose of military use, for threatening and threatening. These claims of Matisse and his recent meeting with Prime Minister Modi have also been met during the attempts to attack China directly.

As a major signatory of India’s importance in the US Army, this meeting took place a few days after the Pentagon changed the name of the Pacific Command to the Indo-Pacific Command. Sources said that in the last phase of the trip to the three countries, Modi met Mattis in the closed room, in which both sides discussed all the security issues of mutual and global interests.

Prior to this meeting, in the Shangri-La dialogue, PM Modi has insisted on Asia, rather than Asia with rivalry, instead of cooperating with Asia. In his speech, Modi had said that the rivalry would be lagged behind in Asia, whereas the co-operation from Asia to the century will be fixed. He said that when India and China work together with trust and confidence, while being sensitive to each other’s interests, Asia and the world will get a better future.

In his address, Mattis also said that both countries should work together together and with other countries to ensure peace and security in the Hind-Pacific region. Mattis said, ‘It is advisable that sea routes remain open to all countries.’ Significantly, America has changed the name of its oldest military command, Pacific Command, to the Hind-Pacific Command between the growing tension with China over the conquest of the South China Sea. America took this step in view of the growing tensions with China’s movements in the South China Sea.

China boasts of almost all parts of the South China Sea. Vietnam, Philippine, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan reject this claim. The US also dismisses China’s claims in the area. The step of the Pentagon also shows India’s growing importance in diplomatic thinking.