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America said – Chinese Ledges near Djibouti made planes to fly, denies Beijing.

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Washington, American Plains is being targeted with laser from China’s first foreign military base located in the African country of Djibouti. The United States has formally complained to China’s government about such incidents in which its pilots were harassed through the lagers. According to reports, Pentagon has alleged that high-grade lagers have been targeted for aircraft and 2 US pilots have also been injured. Concerns about this incident can increase the tension in the two countries.

Pentagon spokesman Dana White said that America is convinced that Chinese citizens have used such lasers only. He said that many such incidents have happened several times in the last week. White said further that such cases create a serious threat to US airmen and the United States has asked China to investigate these incidents.

The spokesman speculated that in recent times, about 10 times laser targeting events occurred. Due to the injuries, the Pentagon had sought a formal complaint, and the problem increased due to the rising of the case. Pentagon spokesman Marine Lieutenant Colonel Chris Logan said that the reports from the pilots were clear that three lasers used were military grade and they were targeted very close to the Chinese base.

China says false charges are false
On the other hand, the Chinese Ministry of Defense said in a brief statement that the allegations of the US are false. It was said, “We have already rejected these false criticisms through official channels. China has consistently followed international rules and regulations of the local country. At the same time, China is committed to regional security and stability. ” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuing said that the government has been severely investigated and allegations made by the American side were found unfounded.

4,000 US soldiers posted in Djibouti
There is also a US military base in Djibouti, where around 4,000 personnel are deployed, including the Special Operations Forces. The special thing is that American Base also works as a launch pad for operations in Yemen and Somalia. China also opened its first naval base on the foreign soil in Djibouti last year, which reflects the growing military power of Beijing. China’s base is a few miles away from the American base. The United States has said that pilots have received minor injuries in the eye. However, no damage to the aircraft has arrived.