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America is ready to make hypersonic missile to answer China and Russia.

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Given the growing threat from Russia and China, the US is also going to create a deadly Hypersonic missile. US Air Force says it will cost about $ 100 million to build a Hypersonic-missile missile. The US Air Force announced on Wednesday that 92 million contracts have been given for the design and development of hyper-missile missile. It will run 5 times faster than missile voice.

Explain that China and Russia have already tested the hypersonic missile. The US also tested it in February but it did not succeed. This missile is capable of targeting anywhere in the world. Russia also tested the Hypersonic missile in March and claimed it has been successful. After testing these deadly missiles by both the countries, the US is preparing to make such a fatal missile for its safety.

At present, relations between the US and Russia are in very bad condition. After the alleged chemical attack in Syria, President Trump had said that relations with Russia have worsened more than the Cold War. There is tension in China and the United States on the southern ocean. When the US first talked about the missile test, media reports claimed that the HyperSonic missile could attack in any corner of the world within an hour.

This missile is very fatal because any part of the world can come in its root. Its speed is so high that it is impossible to stop once it is launched. This missile first goes above the atmosphere and then enters the atmosphere with much speed. In this way it becomes even more fatal. It can also be launched from Jet Aircraft.