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America in Trouble, Pompeo returned empty handed from North Korea After Ditching India.

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Washington, The only reason for negotiations with North Korea was that, due to which the Trump Administration had announced the avoidance of high level 2 + 2 dialogue with India from July 6. However, by giving preference to North Korea in place of India, Washington did not feel special. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo left for Washington after reaching North Korea with no concrete conclusion after two days of talks.

Mike Pompeo told his trip during the withdrawal from Pyongyang that progress has been made on almost all issues between the two countries and it was a good negotiation. On the other hand, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry has described the high level talks with Pompeo as “regretful”. North Korea said that the US is putting a one-sided pressure on the nuclear weapon to end it. This kind of statement came out shortly after the end of Mike Pompeo’s North Korean two-day visit and talks with the officials there.

However, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said that their leader Kim Jong still wants the same friendly relationship and trust with the US, which was agreed on June 12 with Donald Trump in Singapore.

Surprisingly, Mike Pompeo stayed in North Korea for two days, but his Kim Jong was not met. He only met senior North Korean officer Kim Yong Chol, who has been negotiating with America for a long time.

Pampeo had postponed 2 + 2 dialogue with India to go to North Korea, for which Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman would be going to Washington. America has avoided this talks with India for the second time. The new date for negotiations has not yet been decided, but Washington has indicated that the talks could take place in New Delhi or New York / Washington in September. America has also been criticized for avoiding India talks, but American The Ministry of External Affairs said that the US relationship with India is very important for its administration and the date for this dialogue will be decided soon.