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America is facing increasing threat from China and Russia: Mattis.

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Washington, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Friday that the United States is facing increased threats from China and Russia. He warned that in the recent years America’s military advantages have diminished. Mattis said this while unveiling the National Defense Statistics document for the future of Pentagon for the future.

Mattis said, “We are facing increasing threats from different revisionist forces in the form of China and Russia.” He said, “Our army is still strong, yet our capacity is reduced in every area of ​​war, whether it is air, land, sea, space and cyberspace.” Mattis said that the US Army has to increase the investment to prepare for more fatal, agile and warfare.

The President Donald Trump and his administration are worried that the US military forces are feeling the impact of the lack of budget, and in order to restore an ideal power, it needs to be fully restarted. Mattis said, “We will continue the campaign against terrorism, but now the main issue of the US National Security will be the ‘Great Power Competition’, not terrorism. ‘

Mattis said that he has reduced the powers of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but still IS, al-Qaeda and other extremist organizations still remain a threat to the world. The document presented clearly shows that the US is worried about China’s growing military strength in South China Sea. This has increased the political and economic impact of China throughout the world. America is also concerned about Russia’s aggressive military activities. Russia’s involvement in the war of Ukraine and Syria has increased in recent times.