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America Approves India To Sell Apache Helicopter.

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Washington, The US has approved the deal to sell 6 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters to India for $ 93 million (Rs 6287 crore). US Defense Headquarters Pentagon said on Wednesday that it will strengthen India’s ability to combat internal and regional threats. The Apache attack helicopter can fly in the night with the help of a forward sensor. Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency has informed the Congress about the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard. If a MP does not oppose it then the sales process is expected to move forward.

Apart from the attack helicopter, this contract includes fire control radar ‘hellfire longbow missile’, Stinger Block I-92H missile, night vision sensor capable of keeping an eye on the night and inertial navigation system (inertial navigation system). In his notification to the Congress, the Pentagon said, “It will strengthen India’s ability to compete with internal and regional threats.”

Pentagon said, “With the help of AH-64E, India’s defense capability will increase in the face of ground armored threats and its military force will be modernized.” According to this, the proposed sale and cooperation of equipment will not deter basic military balance in the area. Bilateral defense trade between India and the United States has increased from about $ 100 billion to $ 2 billion since 2008.

“There is a possibility of spending billions of Indians on military modernization for the next decade and we are looking forward to this opportunity for the American industry,” said a US State Department official. Such jobs will not only support our defense cooperation, but will also create jobs within the country. “In recent years, the US has provided C-17 transport aircraft at government level, 155 mm Light-weight Todd Howitzer, UGM-84 L Harropon Missile, Support for C-130J Super Hercules Plant and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Atomic (CBRN) collaboration equipment.