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America announces separation from Iran with nuclear deal.

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Washington, After all, that day came when the United States decided to break the nuclear deal with Iran. President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced the separation of America from the White House with a press conference from the White House with a historic nuclear agreement with Iran. Iran responded promptly and said that if the agreement failed, then it would enrich uranium more than ever. At the same time, United Nations President Antonio Gutters has appealed to all the countries associated with the nuclear deal that they remain with this deal.

Trump said at the Indian press briefing at midnight on Tuesday, “It is clear to me that we can not stop Iran’s nuclear bomb. The Iran Agreement is basically defective. Therefore, today I am announcing the withdrawal of the US with the Iran nuclear agreement. ” After some time, they signed documents with fresh sanctions against Iran and they warned that anyone who helped Iran would also have to bear the ban.

Trump said that this agreement gave Iran a large amount of money and did not stop it from securing nuclear weapons. Trump decided to ignore the advice of key European allies and US top Democrats. From the time of his election campaign, Trump had criticized Obama’s timing of Iran’s nuclear deal many times. They said the agreement was poor. The negotiator was the then US Secretary of State John Kerry.

On the other hand, Iran’s President Hassan Rohani said that if the agreement was canceled then his country would promote uranium more than ever before next week. Rohani said, “I will talk to Europe, Russia, China on the decision of Trump.”

After Trump’s decision, responses have started coming from within and outside the US. Former President Barack Obama has described this as a serious mistake and warned that it would harm the global credibility of the US. At the same time, after the announcement of the US, Russia says that he is very disappointed with the decision of the Trump.

It is to be noted that in July 2015, during the Obama administration, Iran had entered into an agreement with the United States, Britain, Russia, China, France and Germany. According to the agreement, Iran had to reduce the reserves of its enriched uranium and open its nuclear plants for monitoring, in return, there was partial concession in financial sanctions imposed on it. Donald Trump alleges that Iran continued its nuclear program in secret from the world.