‘America Alert to Deal North Korean Threats’

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The US is ‘working fast’ to deal with the danger of North Korea.
National Security Advisor HR McMaster of the Trump Administration said this on a forum related to a defense case.
He said, the possibility of war is increasing every day, but armed struggle is not the only solution.
This statement from National Security Advisor HR McMaster came at a time when North Korea had tested Intercontinental ballistic missile three days earlier.

International sanctions
Describing United Nations sanctions, North Korea tested it for the first time in two months.
It is being said that North Korea’s latest Missile Test went up to much higher levels than in previous tests before falling into Japan Sea.
In recent months, there has been a tension in North Korea.
Despite the criticisms and international sanctions around the world, North Korea continues their nuclear and missile programs.
Recently, North Korea has claimed that its new missile can hit anywhere in the entire United States.

Solution of North Korea
Meanwhile, there were reports that the Pentagon is looking for a place to deploy additional defense systems on the west coast of the United States.
HR McMaster said, “There are ways to deal with this problem, except for armed conflict, but this is also a race because North Korea is growing closer to its extent and now there is not much time left to solve this issue. . ”
President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor said these things during a meeting of a Defense Forum in California, other than his speech.
While referring to China, he appealed to the government of Xi Jinping to completely stop supply of oil to North Korea.
Why china is taking interest?
HR Macmaster believes that with the closure of oil supplies, testing of missiles will be difficult for North Korea.
They said, we are asking China to take action in China’s interest. They should also do this. Our belief is growing that there is a dire need for China to do something else. You can not burn missiles without fuel.
Meanwhile, North Korea has accused America and South Korea of ​​provoking war. From Monday onwards, USA and South Korea are going to practice large-scale air warfare.