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Amazon Prime Video: Paatal Lok Review and Storylines.

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You know it’s amazing writing when all the aspects of the story were covered. Whether its Dolly Mehra who is dealing with a troubled marriage and her anxiety or Cheeni who is a homosexual being abused in every stage of her life or Imran who is always looked as a minority who is a loyal cop but forever worried about what to speak among his subordinate so that he doesn’t come out as Jihadi or rebellious.

The mind mapping and the storytelling are gripping and the cast is the silver lining the cops do look like cops rather some page 3 model Jaideep Ahlaawat did justice to the character whether it was being a cop or the Haryanvi accent or is the fear of becoming a failed father.

Abhishek Banerjee work with his eyes you won’t see him delivering many dialogues but its the body language he works with truly underrated gem, Imran is a perfect sweet and docile character your heart will go for again and again Jagjeet Singh whatever timeframe he was given on-screen your eyes will be glued to him, you will see the rage in his eyes there is something about his character you will feel bad about it.

Asif khan playing KABIR yet another innocent who is being slaughtered for the system in the name of religion, you have seen him in the panchayat as a  stupid and stubborn groom and here you will see him playing this character  I am so glad to see such transitions by the actor and them getting the good work and that’s why amazon prime is going up on the ladder.

Other actors are amazing to be it Gul Panaag as a housewife, Neeraj  Kabi as a faded journalist who doesn’t want to leave the field at no matter what, Mairembam Ronaldo Singh as an LGBTQA character this character will bring you to tears, this is the first time that in a mainstream web series, LGBTQ character is actually played by an LGBTQ actress. I guess the cinema is actually changing NOW.

Sudip Sharma and his team as writers have done a brilliant job BUT have you ever heard of a cop who is a failure in his department and when he got his first breakthrough case and he goes above and beyond for the case and it’s not exactly what it looks like but a fucked up the system, yes the series has a slight resemblance with the scared games but not entirely, could be a coincidence. Anushka Sharma as a producer has already got the attention on Paatal Lok but it is worth watching and seeing the excellent work by some Indian creators.

Story Written by Mamta Thakur.