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Amazon launched an online food delivery service in India.

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The online food delivery business has been badly affected due to Corona, but Amazon has decided to start a food delivery service in India. Amazon Food Service is being launched in Bengaluru. Swiggy and Zomato continue to dominate the food delivery market so far, but demand is at an all-time low due to Corona. In such a situation, the condition of these two companies is bad and the staff is getting laid off.

Amazon is seeing as an opportunity
Amazon sees this as an opportunity for itself and has decided to enter this segment. The company is promising ‘free and contactless delivery, hygiene certified restaurants’ to its consumers. Currently this service is available only in some Pincode regions of Bengaluru. The company said that it will be expanded very soon.

Preparation since last year
Amazon has been preparing for the online food delivery business for long. In August last year, the company started associating restaurants with them and was offering a competitive commission rate over Zomato and Swiggy to attract them.

Bad effect on the restaurant business
Please tell that due to Corona, the restaurant business has been badly affected. According to a report, the closure of four restaurants in 10 is believed to be fixed. Until an effective drug or vaccine is introduced for Corona, people will be afraid to eat at the restaurant with their family and friends. The hotel industry is in bad shape due to the demand crisis.