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Amazon becomes the most valuable company in the world, leaving behind Microsoft.

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E-commerce company Amazon has turned Microsoft into the world’s most valuable public company. For the last several years, getting this position of Amazon amidst the turmoil in the stock market is a big deal in itself. Amazon touched this top position on Monday. On this day, the company’s stock rose by 3 percent and reached US $ 1,629. At present, the market value of e-commerce market leader Amazon has reached $ 797 billion.

Computer software company Microsoft’s market value is currently $ 784. Let me tell you that Amazon has reached this stage for the first time. At the same time Microsoft had overturned Apple in November and again on this peak, but he could not stay there for a long time.

Trade war effect
The change in the market position is behind the ongoing trade war between the US and China. If this ‘war’ is not over soon, then in the coming time, technology can damage other areas as well. Explain that it has happened to big companies such as Amazon, Apple. Amazon’s stock value reached $ 1 trillion in September. But since then, 23 percent has come down. Apple has seen a drop of 37 percent since October.