Amazon app quiz for August 19, 2021

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Amazon regularly provides discounts, discounts and special offers for its products. The recently concluded Great Freedom Festival and Prime Day Sales provide customers with discounts in various product categories. Today, this is not all that e-commerce companies have prepared for today’s users. The Amazon Shopping app on your smartphone has a new quiz on August 19th, which means you can enter the sweepstakes by answering your questions correctly. The Amazon daily quiz runs 24 hours a day, which means you can take it any time before midnight, and you can find the daily quiz in the app. If the app is not installed on their Android or iOS smartphone, the user cannot participate. If you get it right, the user can win a prize of ₹15,000. So, before you take today’s quiz, please read the answers below.

Question 1: Albino palm civet was sighted recently after 129 years in Satkosia Tiger Reserve in which state?
Answer: Odisha

Question 2: Which company is selling off Yahoo and AOL for about half of the cost it paid to acquire them?
Answer: Verizon

Question 3: Mark Selby recently became a four-time world champion in which sport?
Answer: Snooker

Question 4: Name the tallest version of this in the world.
Answer: Kingda Ka

Question 5: Name this breed of cat
Answer: Bengal Cat

Amazon Daily Quiz Steps

Do you want to participate in the Amazon Daily Survey today?

How to proceed: First, open the Amazon app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, then scroll down on the homepage until you see the Amazon Entertainment Zone. Scroll down until you find the daily quiz and display the questions for today’s quiz listed above. If you fill in the answers listed above correctly, you have a chance to win 15,000 won in the company’s daily quizzes.