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Amazing: A live heart traveled 323.5 kilometers in just 94 minutes.

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Thane, Distance between Aurangabad to Mumbai is 323.5 kilometers, proved to be small for a living heart. It took only 1 hour 34 minutes to bring a live heart for the 4 year old child. The statement issued by Fortis Hospital said that the operation of the girl child of Jalna was successful and she was kept under the care of doctors.

The hospital statement said that a live Heart, 13-year-old boy who lost his life in a road accident was preserved at MGM Hospital in Aurangabad. Heart was out from the hospital to Aurangabad Airport at 1:50 hrs. The hospital said that Heart had reached the airport at 1:54 pm. Covering 4.8 kilometers in only four minutes, it was brought in by making green corridors.

From a chartered flight, it was brought to Mumbai Airport at 3.30 pm. From there it was transported through a green corridor in Fortis Hospital, 18 kilometers away in 19 minutes. Fortis said in the official statement, “Heart reached the hospital one hour and 34 minutes after departing from Aurangabad on 3 o’clock at 24 minutes. It covered a total of 323.5 kilometers.