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Amazing: 16 nurses together pregnant in this hospital.

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Arizona, The delivery of 16 pregnant women simultaneously will also be reduced in a large hospital, but there is also a hospital where 16 nurses working in the intensive care unit are pregnant together. These nurses also came to know about this when they created a Facebook group. The delivery date of all these nurses is between October to next year.

Rachel Sheerman, one of the nurses working at the Banner Dealers Medical Center says, “I do not think before we could become a Facebook group, we knew how many of us nurses are pregnant.” Nurse Jolene Garro joked, “We made this plan to celebrate holidays.”

Hospital officials said that when these nurses go to Maternity Leave, arrangements for separate staff have been made for that time. Nurses said that they are dependent on the cafeteria of the hospital for food, where the pickle has been kept for them.