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Allegations of Whatsapp Co-Founder, Mark Zuckerberg is compromising with the privacy of Facebook for the benefit.

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Brian Acton, the co-founder of Popular Messaging App Whatsapp, is appealing to all users to ‘delete Facebook’. Speaking to the students in the past, he said that everyone should delete their Facebook account. Acton, now working as Head of the Nonprofit Whatsapp Rival Signal, has targeted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and said that Zuckerburg is promoting advertisements on the platform for the benefit of the company and is dealing with users’ privacy.

Acton asked people to reject Facebook and said that people delete Facebook and its related apps from their devices. This statement from Whatsapp Co-Founder came recently following allegations of trading data on Facebook. Facebook, which was stuck in several privacy scandals, was proven to be faulty in some cases. Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has even talked about making a better and privacy-focused Facebook.

Addressing the students, Acton targeted large companies like Google and Facebook and said that companies are trading for users to increase their revenue. Acton has made such a remark for the second time. Last year, he wrote on Twitter, “This is the time to #deletefacebook. ‘ Then Facebook’s name appeared in the case of Cambridge Analytica and it was revealed that data of about 8.7 million users was leaked before the US elections in 2016.

Brian Acton, in 2014, sold his app for WhatsApp in 14 billion Euros (10 lakh crores). Brian, who quit Whatsapp, in 2017, had said about his decision that he was thinking about his employees. Acton completely kept Whatsapp as an add-free and introduced it as an open and free platform. This is the reason why he has adopted a tough approach to Facebook’s monetizing policy and is asking to delete it.