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Allegations of discrimination on the oracle, 25% lower salaries given to Indians than whites.

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US Department of Labor accused American company Oracle on discrimination with Indians, other Asian countries personnel and African American employees. The department said that despite the same position and responsibility, the Oracle gives them 25 percent less salaries than the whites.

However, Oracle has given jobs to the Indians in terms of product developer, but the company does not give the salary to the Indians in the US for the same positions given to these positions. This discrimination is also happening with Africans and Hispanics.

In the complaint of the Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Office of the US Department of Labor, it said, “This does not give equal opportunity to non-Asian applicants and offers to those people who can work on lesser jobs later on. The company can not be allowed to do this. After giving jobs, women, black and Asian employees are given less pay than their white colleagues.

The complaint against Oracle has happened in the US and the US Department of Labor has imposed this charge on the basis of investigation in the company’s headquarters at Redwood Shores. The complaint said that non-white employees had lost about $ 400 million (about 28 billion rupees) between January 2013 and December 2016. The impact of the company’s discrimination on 11 thousand Asian workers

Oracle India refused to respond to the matter. Significantly, Oracle is one of the first-time American companies to open development centers in India. The company does campus selection in engineering colleges of India.