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2020 was supposed be the year of firsts. I mean, it’s the actual end of a decade and a beginning of a brand new one, so if you add things you’ve always wanted to accomplish, there’s a high possibility you’ll achieve that. Well, I’m no astrologer so I’m not really sure about that, but what’s the harm in being a little optimistic?

In the same vein, if you’ve been searching for love and haven’t found it yet, there’s a good chance that you can find it in this new year. You’d obviously not want to walk into a new decade all by yourself. Letting go of old dating patterns and adopting new ones is literally the best thing to do. So I’m just going to help you out a bit in recognizing and knowing what you need to do to start a new and amazing love life before this decade ends.

• Make sure you’re ready for a relationship-

While heartbreaks are synonymous with bringing in the new year, you have to know for sure if you’re willing to date someone new. Get rid of your feelings for your ex. Only date if you’re certain that you’ve moved on. Don’t take decisions in haste. Take your time. Weigh your feelings and if you’re ready to date, go for it!

• Delete all those apps

As we all know that these days the only way to find your significant other is by using dating apps and social media. You can use those apps to find your ideal match. Because using these apps there are chances you’ll find someone with similar interests. But once you’re in a relationship, get off those apps. Be more social in your endeavors. Don’t just go to the bar, go to festivals, social gatherings, and events happening in the city.

• Declutter your surroundings

Let’s keep it more like a new year, new you. Start by decluttering your surroundings. Discard the things you don’t want anymore, and lying in some corner gathering dust. This is an important exercise. Get rid of the emotional baggage you’re holding onto. Start anew. Cleaning your immediate surrounding and decluttering your space can help a great deal with this.

So, 2020 is not going that great, but again let’s be optimistic and hope this pandemic ends soon and you can find your “true love”. So, here’s conjuring a boatload of luck for you to find the love and affection you need!