All Souls' Day

All Souls’ Day 2020 today- Remembrance Day of dead souls!

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You will be shocked to know that today is the day of dead souls. All Souls’ Day is also celebrated as Remembrance Day of all faithful dependents. The Day of the Dead is a holiday for prayer and remembrance for the souls of those people. On November 2, honouring All Souls Day traditions, remember their loved ones in many ways. The beliefs and customs associated with All Souls’ Day are largely among Christian denominations.

Similar Customs – However, this custom is also in Hindu culture. They organize Tarnap Shradh in memory of their ancestors or those who have passed away in their family for about 16 days. Muslims also offer prayers at Shab-e-Barat overnight at the tomb of their loved ones.

It is a long tradition in Christianity in which some days were devoted to concession to select groups of the dead. The foundation of All Souls’ Day for a general intervention on 2 November is due to Odillo, the chief of Cluny, who died in 1048.

All Souls' Day

It essentially became universal before the end of the 13th century. It was celebrated the next day of November 1, scheduled to commemorate all saints. All members of the church who were believed to be in heaven or who had passed away. Those souls determined to remember and pray.

In the Western Christian community, the annual celebration is held on 2 November and is part of Allhallowtide which includes All Saints Day (1 November) and its eve, Halloween (31 October).

Catholic Church – In Catholicism, these are organized specifically for “faithful” Catholics; In which “all souls” honour the repentance of souls in the church courtyard. While “all saints” honour the victory of the Church of Saints in heaven. In the doctrine of the Western Catholic Church, it is named The Commencement of All Faithful Departed.