Aliens will attack the Earth in 2022? What is the sensational claim of this Time Traveler?

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A time traveler has claimed that he has gone back in 2714. He has seen the world ahead so many years from today. He knows what’s going to happen next. In this, the first thing that is attracting the people’s attention is that in the very next year, i.e., 2022, aliens will attack the Earth.

On Tiktok’s account named @aesthetictimewarper, the person keeps sharing many videos related to his future journey. He has made many predictions related to the future.

In July itself, through a shared video from this account, he had told that five strange things would happen at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. In this, this user had also hinted about the return of dinosaurs in December. Time Traveler claims that three young men will hatch dinosaur eggs and open the door to another world.

The man has also hinted at the discovery of a mysterious city through his account. He told that soon Atlantis, which had sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, would be discovered. There will also be fish like humans in it. However, many of the predictions made by the account have turned out to be wrong.

The person had predicted on 11 August 2021 that something unique would happen on this day. But nothing like this happened. Now the person claims that suddenly many meteorites will fall, and with this, aliens will land on Earth.

Videos of the man’s claims get a lot of buzz. The footage of Alien Attack has earned nearly 40 lakh likes so far. Many people believe in his words, but many people find it just a way to get attention.