Aliens: Harvard’s scientists came close to finding the planet of aliens, will they be able to make a treaty to avoid supernatural powers?

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Avi Loeb and Amir Siraj, two famous scientists from Harvard University, have claimed that they have come very close to discovering the world of aliens. If all goes well, then very soon they may find the planet of aliens present in the galaxy. This claim of the scientists of Howard University is considered to be very big because many scientists are constantly opposing the project of Howard University scientist Avi Loeb and saying that Avi Loeb should not work on such a project. It will lead to the destruction of the Earth and risk may arise.

After a new study by Harvard University scientists, scientists have claimed that the Oort cloud may be home to ‘supernatural powers’. Oort Klout is a very large debris shell present at the farthest distance of our solar system which is present in the middle of many stars present in our solar system. This research of the scientists has been published in the journal ‘Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society’. Earlier in 2019, astronomers saw many unbelievable events happening in the back of our Earth and a dangerous comet was also discovered by scientists.

What kind of aliens are there, I don’t know

Scientists believe that such symptoms have been found in Oort Klout. It suggests that supernatural powers may be present there, but the conclusion cannot be reached yet. At the same time, the dangerous comet Icy Snowball, which was discovered by scientists behind the Earth. It had a speed of one lakh 10 thousand miles per hour and was the first interstellar discovered by humans, which scientists named Borisov.

The study was carried out by astronomers Amir Siraj and Avi Loeb at the Center for Astrophysics. Harvard and Smithsonian (CFA) have said based on new calculations that the Oort cloud may be a place where more supernatural forces can exist or roam than objects belonging to our solar system.

What did scientist Siraj say?
On the basis of his research, scientist Amir Siraj said, “Before detecting the first interstellar comet, we did not know how many interstellar objects could be in our solar system. But the theory on the formation of planetary systems suggests that there should be fewer visitors than permanent residents”. Scientist Siraj said, “We are finding that there may be a lot of extraterrestrial forces present in that place”. Scientist Siraj pointed out that the calculations made using Borisov’s findings involved significant uncertainties. But even after paying attention to these, interstellar visitors dominate those objects, which are native to the solar system.

No technology to see

Scientist Amir Siraj has said in his study that the Oort cloud is spread over an area of ​​about 200 billion to one thousand billion miles from our Earth and unlike the stars, the Oort cloud is not capable of producing light on its own, so we have now There is no technology by which we can see them. He said that ‘we are working on such technology so that we will be able to see them, and we have tried to get in touch with them. If we manage to get in touch together, our world will change completely.

Compromise with supernatural powers
At the same time, Professor Avi Loeb has called ‘Scientific American’ that we should be ready to compromise those extraterrestrial civilizations. These are much more powerful and advanced than us. Professor Evi Loeb said that extraterrestrial civilization has the power to make very dangerous weapons that can be sent to Earth from space through any particle or any energy.

They can have so much power that they can prove to be enough to burn the whole earth and the whole universe. Professor Evi Loeb has written in his book that ‘Unfortunately the bad news is that we cannot catch their moves and they are also not sending us any warning and if we are to warn us by any signal. Even if he sends it, his speed cannot be faster than the speed of light, so that we can get a warning’. However, along with this, he has given a solution to save the universe and to save the entire atmosphere of the universe.

How to save the universe?

The approach proposed by Professor Evi Loeb for a settlement with extraterrestrial civilizations is almost identical to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty between the US and Russia, signed in 1963 by the US, UK and Soviet Union governments. Were. According to Professor Avi Loeb, humans can use these guidelines to prevent any catastrophe in the universe by establishing contact with another very advanced civilization present in our galaxy.

Research going on for a long time

Professor Loeb, who has served for a long time at League College in Massachusetts, Cambridge, shocked the world by claiming that aliens had come to Earth in 2017. At the same time, now there is a great possibility that Professor Evi Loeb is trying to make contact with aliens or some advanced civilization, or Professor Loeb may have learned that an advanced civilization outside the earth has a very powerful machine are available.

Claimed in ‘Scientific America’
Professor Avi Loeb has written in his article in ‘Scientific America’ that ‘Imagine that somewhere in the universe there is an advanced civilization, which has developed a very fast electron which is capable of causing electron collisions at Planck energy’, where gravity should be seen as mechanical energy. He said that the particle uses the axial electromagnetic field to shoot another particle, and this action is carried out at a very high speed, which scientists believe can be used to understand the dark theory and time travel. is done to.

How can a supernatural power attack?

Scientist Loeb explained that it is possible that in the future an infinite world will send a particle from our side. It will be like a bubble with infinite energy. This energy can be called dark energy because its nature will be very destructive. This bubble of energy will move at the speed of light and destroy everything in its path.

If the earth also comes under its purview, then our existence may be in danger. To save humanity and the earth from any such future incident, he has advised us to make an agreement which is called the ‘Planck Collider Treaty’. Just as we negotiate a nuclear test ban, the terms of the Planck agreement will be similar. Dr Loeb said that we will have to make such an agreement with other members of the Galaxy and Milky Web.

Sensational claims in the book

Doctor Lob is included in the group of people of the world, who believe that there are more civilizations in the world. Especially since the appearance of Oumuama in 2017, this belief has become stronger. Recently he has published a book titled ‘Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth’.

In this book, he does not treat Oumuama as an asteroid. According to his concept, Oumuama is like a machine that is made to go to space. In an interview in January 2021, he said that Oumuama gets energy from the rays of the Sun.

Do aliens exist?

However, most of the world’s scientists did not agree with Prof. Loeb’s claim made in 2017. After which he claimed in an interview that it is not surprising for scientists not to agree because when Galileo first said that the Earth is not the centre of the universe, he was also punished.

Let us tell you that some time ago, the former head of the Israel Space Security Agency, Haim Ishad also claimed that aliens are in fact and that Israel and America have been in contact with aliens for many years. He had also said that it was the aliens who had advised not to make the information about their presence public.

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