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Albert Einstein Birth Anniversary: Interesting Facts about the greatest physicist

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Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of all time, was born on March 14, 1879, in Germany. He was most recognised for establishing relativity theory, but his contributions to quantum mechanics theory were also extensively accepted and appreciated. Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his outstanding achievements.

During his career, Albert Einstein authored over 300 scientific publications as well as over 150 non-scientific books. Einstein suffered an internal haemorrhage on April 17, 1955, as a result of the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. He denied surgery, claiming, “I’d want to go whenever I want. It is unethical to artificially extend one’s life. I’ve done my part; now it’s time for me to leave. I’ll do it gracefully.”

Journey of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born in Germany, although he did not stay there long. His father, Hermann Einstein, was a businessman and engineer, while his mother, Pauline Koch, was a housewife. In 1880, the family relocated to Munich, where Einstein’s father and uncle established a firm that produced direct current electrical equipment.

He stayed in Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Albert Einstein never returned to Germany after relocating to the United States.

Einstein fell in love with physics after his father gave him a compass. Albert Einstein struggled with language and other courses and dropped out of school when he was 15 years old. However, he excelled in Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy. Einstein authored his first scholastic article when he was 16 years old.

His compass inspired the paper, which discussed the force of magnetism. Instead of becoming a scientist right away, Einstein initially trained as a teacher. However, after being unable to find work as a math and physics teacher, Einstein chose to pursue a PhD in physics. He received the degree in 1905, and that year became known as Einstein’s “year of miracles” since he published articles in just 12 months.

Einstein published his famous formula, E=mc2, in 1905. His theory of relativity aided scientists in comprehending the workings of the cosmos. In 1921, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his important scientific achievements, and his discoveries became well-known around the world. In 1925, he received the coveted Copley Medal from the Royal Society of London for his contributions to relativity theory and quantum theory. Einstein loved music; he began playing the violin at the age of six and would seldom travel without it later in life. His violin was just auctioned off for USD 5,16,500 at a New York auction house over the weekend.