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Airtel and Huawei made India’s first 5G trial, 3Gbps speed has been recorded.

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Bharti Airtel and Huawei have started the process of implementing plans to come up with 5G in India. Both companies have run the first trial of 5G In this case, Airtel said that a small trial can also be called the start of 5G Revolution in India. 5G mobile networks are capable of delivering 100 times faster than 4G networks.

Bharti Airtel’s Networks Director Abhay said, “The promise to come up with 5G is endless.” The whole game of 5G networking will change. This will change the way we live, work and dissolve. We are committed to bringing 5G ecosystems in India with our partner. ”

India can reach 5G by 2020

5G networks in India can reach consumers by 2020. The goal of providing 5G for now is 2020. In this interval, the government has set up a high level forum to fulfill the stated plans and goals. Under this forum roadmap and action plan to get 5G in India will be approved.

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundarajan recently said that the telecom department will finalize the 5G roadmap by June 2018. However, the telecom industry, which is in debt of more than 7 lakh crores (due to increased competition after the arrival of Reliance Jio in the market), has requested the government to move slightly ahead with the 5G spectrum auction. But apparently getting ready for Airtel 5G is already ready.

Airtel has achieved speed up to 3Gbps in trial run with huawei. This speed is the highest speed achieved through any mobile network within the 3.5GHz band. 5G core and 50GE network slicing router were used in this trial run.

Huawei’s wireless marketing director said about the trial test conducted in India – “We should keep working with industry players. With this, the creation of mobile broadband and large eco systems will be improved. ”

Airtel also partners with South Korean SK Telecom for partnership with 5G

It is worth noting that Airtel’s 5G efforts are not limited to the hugo. Earlier Airtel had partnered with South Korean firm to work on 5G development, software, networking and Internet of Things etc.