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After the US ban, Huawei’s problem increased more. They had to be stopped the laptop launch.

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The company’s troubles are increasing after the company’s trunk banned by the United States of America on the Chinese tech company. In fact, due to this ban, the parts or services made in the US cannot be used in their products. This week Huawei has admitted that he had to stop his laptop launch due to the ban. The company creates many products in addition to smartphones and includes a laptop range.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, spoke to a business channel, saying, “We can not supply PCs.” He also said that the current situation is unfortunate. According to the known sources of the matter, the information came to light that the company was about to launch its new Windows laptop in the CES Asia 2019 trade show in Shanghai. Due to the ban from the US, the company had to stop its laptop launch.

Because of the ban from the US side, neither can the Microsoft Windows operating system be used for the Intel processor can be given in its laptop. In such a case, the supply of laptops is not possible as these are the bases of both laptops. Mass production of laptops without processor and operating system cannot be done. The United States has put the Huawei in the blacklist, without doing permissions, businesses cannot afford American companies.

Huawei cannot even give Android OS to its smartphones. Google has expressed differences with this about the US government. At the moment, Google Apps can not even use Google Apps. To cope with this challenge, you can develop your own operating system. Whether or not they will launch these laptops in the coming days, but Yu said, “It depends on how long the company will be in the blacklist.”