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After the summit, Trump said, Kim became my very special connection.

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Singapore, US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that during his historic summit with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he became a ‘very special engagement’ with ‘talented’ Kim. About Trump’s comments about Kim, a few months ago, it could hardly be thought of, because at that time the two threatened each other and insulted each other. Last year, when North Korea tested many nuclear and ballistic missiles by defying the international community, at that time the mouth war broke out between the two leaders.

In May 2017, Trump had termed Kim as a “man with a nuclear weapon” and said that he could not be allowed to do anything. The next month, the US banned people and organizations related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. In July 2017, North Korea tested a long-range missile in Japan Sea. Some experts about this missile said that it is capable of reaching America’s Alaska Province. Alaska is in the far north-west of North America.

In his first address to the United Nations General Assembly in September last year, President Trump had threatened to ‘completely ruin North Korea’. Expressing strong reaction to Trump’s statement, Kim described the American president’s behavior as “mentally deranged” and insisted that “the scared dog barks heavily.” In November, President Trump officially declared North Korea the sponsor country of terrorism. .

Trump had also called Kim “Little Rocket Man” and threatened to attack North Korea such that no one in the world has ever seen it. In response to this, Kim alleges that the trump has happened ‘mentally deranged’ and ‘tragedy’. North Korea also threatened to attack Guam in the Pacific region of the Pacific Ocean. In Singapore, Kim said pointing towards the hostility between North Korea and America, “It was not easy to reach here.”