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After the suicide attack, Sikh leaving the Afghanistan, want to come in India.

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Kabul, After the killing of a large number of Sikhs in Afghanistan, some community members are now considering leaving the country. On Sunday, 13 people of Sikh community died in a suicide attack in Jalalabad. Now many of the minority Sikh community in Afghanistan are preparing to leave the country and come to India.

The terrorist organization Islamic State took responsibility for the attack. The victims of the attack included the only Sikh candidate Avtar Singh Khalsa and well-known activist of the community Raval Singh in the parliamentary elections. Tejvir Singh (35) said, “I have decided that now we can not stay here for much longer.” Tejvir’s uncle was also killed in the attack.

Tejvir, secretary of the National Panel of Hindus and Sikhs said, “Islamic terrorists will not tolerate our religious practices. We are Afghani. The government recognizes us, but the terrorists attack us because we are not Muslims.

He further said that Sikh community in Afghanistan has now been restricted to nearly 300 families. We have two gurus, one is Jalalabad and the other is in Kabul. Let us tell you that even if Afghanistan is a Muslim, but more than two and a half million Sikhs and Hindus lived before the civil war broke out in the 1990’s.

A decade ago, the US State Department said in a report that about 3,000 Sikhs and Hindus live in Afghanistan. Despite the political representation and the freedom of worship, thousands of people were fed up with terror attacks and persecution in India. Now after the Jalalabad assault, some Sikhs have sought refuge from the Indian consulate located in the city.

Baldev Singh, owner of book and clothes shops in Jalalabad, said, “We have only two choices – whether we go to India or accept Islam.” India has issued long-term visas to people of Sikh and Hindu communities of Afghanistan. India’s Ambassador in Afghanistan Vinay Kumar said, “They can all live in India without any border. The final decision is to take them. We are ready to help them here. ‘

Kumar was coming to Delhi to discuss the security situation. He said that the government is cooperating with the last rites of Sikhs killed in the attack. However, there are some Sikhs who are saying that they will not go anywhere from Afghanistan. A Sikh shopkeeper in Kabul, Sandeep Singh said, “We are not cowards. Afghanistan is our country and we are not going anywhere. ‘

Let us tell you that on Sunday, a suicide bomber targeted the Sikh people and Hindus going to meet President Ashraf Ghani. In this attack, 19 people died and many were injured.