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After the rebuttal of Pakistan, America needs to say, ‘Pakistan has been playing for many years’ ‘double game’

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WASHINGTON: US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says that Pakistan has played a “double game” with America for many years, but the Trump administration will not tolerate it. Nikki has endorsed President Trump’s decision to curtail the aid of Pakistan’s $ 250 million from the US. Let us tell you that Pakistan had expressed “deep disappointment” on the tearful remarks of US President Donald Trump against the country and had said that the allegations had caused a major shock to “trust” between the two countries.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi presided over a meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) here. The meeting was convened by US President Donald Trump after accusing Pakistan of having given US $ 33 billion in the past 15 years, instead of giving it nothing to America except ‘lies and deceit’. It was stated in the meeting that the statement of the American leadership is completely beyond comprehension because the facts have clearly been denied. This has given a tremendous shock to the beliefs made by the generations between the two countries. This has led to the sacrifices made by Pakistan for decades.

Nikki told journalists yesterday at the United Nations headquarters in New York, “The reason for this is clear. Pakistan has played a double game for many years. “He said,” Pakistan works with us at the same time and at the same time also protects terrorists who attack our soldiers in Afghanistan. The administration will not tolerate this game. “Nikki said that in the fight against terrorism the Trump administration expects more cooperation than Pakistan.

In his first press conference this year, he said, “Pakistan has continued to support and protect terrorism, so the Trump Administration is ready to make every effort to stop it.” The relation is completely by terrorizing the terrorists by Pakistan.
Trump has accused Pakistan of providing “safe haven” to the terrorists and during this time took the aid amount of US $ 33 billion, in lieu only in the last 15 years. On this, External Affairs Minister Khwaja Asif challenged U.S. President Donald Trump’s claim in a tweet that the United States has given him more than $ 33 billion in last 15 years. He said that the verification of an American audit company would prove to be false.