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After the ban on Tiktok, Carry Minati is considered to be the ‘winner’. Fans rejoice.

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Amid escalating tensions between India and China following clashes at the border two weeks ago, there was outrage on social media over the usage of Chinese applications in India, and people demanded a ban on them. Yesterday, the Government of India banned 59 Chinese mobile applications, including social media platforms such as TikTok, Helo, among others. The decision was planned to ensure the safety and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace, and this move has been hailed by a lot of people. Amid all this, famous YouTuber and teen sensation CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar was trending on Twitter, and the microblogging platform was flooded with memes on how the YouTuber would react to this news.

A few weeks ago, TikToker Amir Siddiqui had shared a video taking a dig at YouTubers and the YouTube community. The YouTube vs TikTok controversy escalated as CarryMinati then roasted Amir in his video, which was later pulled down by YouTube for violating its terms of service. Back then, many came out in support of CarryMinati, trending hashtags on Twitter. As the controversy grew, a lot of people were also demanding a ban on TikTok. Now that TikTok has been banned, people have been sharing some really hilarious memes on Twitter, predicting how CarryMinati would react.

Many referred to CarryMinati in the memes as the ‘happiest person’ since the rival medium has now been banned, while many shared memes about the ban being ‘Karma’.

However, Carry’s fans are not rejoicing as according to them they won the ‘Youtube v/s Tiktok’ war- controversy.