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After the attack on Syria, Trump says ‘Mission complete’, but what is the mission?

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Washington, US, France and Britain blast missiles on Syria to take revenge for the alleged chemical attack in Syria. After this, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted, “Mission completed” However, the President’s tweet is now compared to the statement of former President George W. Bush, which he gave after attacking Iraq. Critics have now raised the question that what is the Trump’s mission in Syria?

Trump has so far said that his goal in Syria is to eliminate the terrorist organization Islamic State. After this, the US Army will be removed from there. But after the firing of missiles in Syria, the trump that said in his speech, is more confused. Actually, Trump promised to run a permanent campaign to stop chemical attacks by the Syrian government.

After this promise, Trump has also come under the category of Presidents before him. Experts say that American policy has once again become like 2003, when the US attacked Iraq with accusations of being a chemical weapon. O, Sullivan, a Deputy National Security Advisor during Bush’s tenure, said, “I do not think these attacks reflect the US policy. After these attacks, the questions arise as to how long the US military will remain in Syria and what Washington is the real motive.

Close doors for Syrian refugees
Oxford America’s Noa Gotschok says, “Fresh bloody conflict and war crimes are telling us that the Syrian people need the most to support us. However, the Trump Administration has carried out these attacks on the basis of humanity, but the US doors have also been shut down for Syrian Refugees.

The clear policy can not even tell the trump itself
When President Donald Trump gave a speech after the attacks, it was seen that he was not clear on the policy on Syria. However, he said that unless the Syrian government ceases to carry out chemical attacks, he will respond similarly, but he did not say whether he would also pressurize Syria by economic and diplomatic measures.

Syria does not become like Iraq
Syria has been in the grip of civil war for the past seven years. When the United States invaded Iraq 15 years ago and Saddam Hussein was removed from the post, then there was a big banner behind the then president George W. Bush’s aircraft, which read, “Mission is complete.” However, since then, there have been no peace conditions in Iraq ever since. Air strikes in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, identified for crude oil, were echoing. The US attacked Iraq by citing chemical weapons and only captured its large cities in 21 days.

Even now almost the situation is just that the country has changed. Nearly 100 people died in Syria last week due to chemical attack. The conflict between the rebels and the government has been bringing the country to a state of catastroph for the past seven years. At the same time, the US is attacking missiles with its friendly countries.