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After the announcement of trump on attack, Syrian capital arising from the blasts.

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Beirut, After announcing the air strikes of US President Donald Trump, the capital of Syria was shocked by the strong explosions on Saturday morning, and there was a dense smoke in the sky. Trump ordered the attack after the death of about 40 people in the alleged chemical attacks in Syria. Syrian Air Defense Service also responded to these joint attacks by the United States, France and Britain. In the meanwhile, Russia’s subsidiary Russia has also warned of the consequences.

Smokin was seen moving from eastern Damascus and there was a cloud of smoke in the sky. Syrian government television showed that a scientific research center was attacked and Syrian air defense foiled 13 rockets coming toward southern Damascus. After the attack, the Syrian President tweeted, “Good people will not be humiliated.”

Syrian government TV said that the attack “is a clear violation of international law and it shows the contempt for international legitimacy.” “Trump had announced a military attack on Friday night with his three colleagues to punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his alleged chemical attack and prevent him from doing so again. The Syrian government is refusing to use the prohibited weapon.

US Defense Secretary James Matisse says there is no report of US defeat in the initial air strikes. Without dismissing the possibility of further attack, he said, “At the moment it is the only attack.” Matiss said that in the making of chemical weapons, Assad’s helpers attacked various places. The UK Ministry of Defense said that the effects of the attack are yet to be assessed. British Prime Minister Thariza said that the attacks are not meant to “intervene in civil war and change in governance, but there are limited and targeted attacks which will not cause more tension in the region.” And we will make every effort to save citizens from casualties. “