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After Shaheen Bhatt, veteran actress Soni Razdan lashes out at Instagram

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Recently, Shaheen Bhatt, the daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and veteran actress Soni Razdan, took to her social media handle and shared screenshots about the abuses, the slurs and the rape threats received by her and her family.

She captioned it by saying, “Does this surprise you? Why? It doesn’t surprise me.” In a strongly-worded series of Instagram stories, Shaheen Bhatt called out all the Instagram users who were responsible for sending the hateful messages and said that she will expose and report any person who sends her inappropriate messages on social media. “I will use all legal recourse available to me to take action.”

She further continued, “I wondered for days whether or not this was something I should address. I debated whether it was worth the effort it would take because ugh, why waste time and even 1% of mental processor power on this. But then I realized if I believe that the world should be a place in which women can feel safe and exist without being constantly threatened, sexualized, or subjected sexist/misogynistic slurs with the sole intent to humiliate them – if I believe women should be treated like humans. Then that’s a world I have to help create. And in order to create that world, I have to draw boundaries in my own life and pursue action no matter how annoying or time-consuming or downright sad it is.”

The series of stories instantly went viral all over social media. Shaheen Bhatt not only called out the abusers and revealed their names but also called out Instagram for it’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy being a lie.

On the 14th of July 2020, veteran actress Soni Razdan stepped in the mess and lashed out at Instagram for not taking any action. She shared screenshots of her daughter’s posts and captioned it by saying, “@instagram I do hope you’re reading this and taking some note of it. Because it really gets to the root of the issue. So easy na to let the abusers off the hook. To let yourself off the hook. To let the onus fall on the abused to take action to protect themselves. It’s basically and fundamentally ALL WRONG. And it’s high time it was stopped at the source itself. And the stinking abusers get their just desserts. Social media has for too long now become the most antisocial media mainly because those running the platforms are not doing enough to prevent abuse. #enoughisenough #stoponlineabuse #stoptheharrassment #stopabuseagainstwomen.”

Many celebrities showed their concern and supported the Bhatt family. One of the celebrities who came out in support of Soni Razdan was Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Pooja Bhatt. She said, “I completely agree. @instagram needs to have a good, hard look at their policies. The trolls who spew venom in the name of others need to be brought to book. Why should I disallow comments and block people who are respectful and kind even in their criticism or disagreement? Abusive behavior needs to be nipped in the bud. We shouldn’t have to change the way we live our lives.”