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After met with Kim. Trump came to America and said – No nuclear threat from North Korea

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Washington, After returning home after US President Donald Trump, mentioning his meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong said that there is no nuclear threat now from North Korea as it was previously understood. He also said ticking on his predecessor Barack Obama that he had said that North Korea is the biggest problem, but after the meeting in Singapore it is not so.

Trump tweeted, “After a long journey, I returned now, but now everyone can feel more secure from the day I assumed the post. North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. Kim Jong meeting with them was interesting and had a very positive experience. North Korea has a lot of future possibilities.’

In the next tweet, Trump attacked Obama, saying, “Before assuming my position, people used to believe that we are going to war with North Korea. President Barack Obama said that North Korea is the biggest and most dangerous problem. Now no, take good night’s sleep. ‘

Significantly, there has been a historic dialogue between Trump and Kim for normalization of relations between the US and North Korea and for complete nuclear disarmament in the Korea Peninsula. North Korea’s ruler Kim after the meeting has promised complete disarmament of nuclear weapons. However Trump also said that restrictions on North Korea will continue. In return, America also guaranteed safety of North Korea.

South Korea will not have military exercises with
On the other hand, Trump announced that now America will not do military exercises with South Korea in the Korea Peninsula. Trump said, ‘We will close the War Games, which will save us a lot of money.’ In fact, North Korea has been claiming that America is preparing for the attack. He further said that he agreed to stop the war games because he felt that it was very provocative.

South Korea, China happy with meeting
South Korea and China expressed happiness by meeting Trump and Kim. South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in applauded the outcome of the historic dialogue between Trump and Kim on Tuesday and concluded it was the end of the final Cold War. In a statement, Moon said, “I congratulate my heartfelt and welcome the success of North Korea-America’s historic meeting.” He said, “The Santosa agreement of June 12 will be recorded as a historical event, which ended the last Cold War on Earth.” On the other hand, China has applauded the North Korea, appreciating the summit that they should be ready to complete nuclear disarmament to resolve the ongoing tension over the Korean Peninsula.