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After allegations of physical abuse, the Attorney General of New York resigns.

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New York, New York State Attorney General Eric Scenderman resigned on Monday after allegations of physical harassment by four women. These women had made these allegations in an interview given to a local magazine. After 4 hours of interviewing, Governor Andrew Kuo asked Scenderman’s resignation.

In a statement, Scanderman said, “In the last few hours, there are many serious allegations against me that I strongly reject.” He said, ‘Though these allegations are not related to the conduct of my professional conduct or office, but this will also have an impact on my work. In this way, I resign from my post. ”

Two of these women said that many times during the relations with Scanderman, they suffered physical abuse. However none of these women complained to the police in this case. But he had to seek the help of the doctor after this and both women had told about this to the people. The third woman also told them both of them, but refused to come openly. The fourth woman told that when she refused to obey Scanderman, Scanderman slapped her, although this woman had also refused to disclose her identity.