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Afghanistan: Suicide attack in Jalalabad, 12 injured.

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Jalalabad, In the Jalalabad city of Afghanistan, there was a suicide attack outside the office of an international non-governmental organization on Wednesday. The government spokesman Ataullah Khogiani that after the explosion there was firing. At the moment the encounter is continuing. So far 12 people have been injured in the attack. The Taliban has separated themselves from this attack.

Khogiani said, “On Wednesday morning around 9.30 am, the assailants carried out a car bomb outside the office of ‘Save the Children’. After this the armed attackers entered the office. ‘ According to Tolo News, the Taliban tweeted that he was not involved in the attack.

All 12 wounded have been admitted to the hospital and all are out of danger. Right now the security forces are encountering 2 or 3 assailants. The attackers have received information about having grenades, machine guns and rocket-operated grenades. So far it is not known whether the NGO has any staff in the building or not. Let me tell you that 18 people were killed in the fatal attack in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul’s InterContinental Hotel, which included 14 foreign nationals.