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Afghanistan: Attack near airport, 16 killed as exiled leader arrives.

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Kabul, After staying in exile for nearly a year, Afghanistan’s Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum had a blast near the international airport of Kabul shortly after the return of 16 people, and 60 wounded. The blast took place when Dostum was leaving the airport with a large crowd of government officials and supporters.

Abdul Rashid Dostom went to Turkey during the investigation of charges of rape and harassment with political opponents. His name is also associated with human rights violations in Afghanistan. In recent weeks, supporters of Dostum had landed on the streets. They closed government offices and some highways. These people were demanding the release of a pro-militia leader and the return of Dostum. Supervisors said that President Ashraf Ghani had given a green signal to Dostum's return.

Dostum has returned from exile before the 2019 Presidential election. Present President Ghani is extremely unpopular among non-Pashtuns. In the year 2016, the former South African Governor of Northern Province, Ahmed Ishichi was found guilty of illegal bonding and seven domestic security personnel for sexual harassment. Dostum had helped America to end Taliban rule in 2001.