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Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra’s shocking revelation, “Wives of big cricketers and superstars take drugs at the party”

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The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has intensified its investigation into the use of drugs in Bollywood, meanwhile, actress Sherlyn Chopra has made a shocking revelation. Sherlyn said in a recent interview that wives of big cricketers and superstars also attend drugs party and use white powder i.e. cocaine.

Sherlyn said in a conversation with ABP News, “Once I went to see Kolkata KKR match. A party was arranged during the match. I also joined that party. During that time I saw that cricketers and Bollywood stars were dancing on ‘dum maro dum’ song. I also enjoyed with them a lot. When I was tired due to dance, I went to the washroom. After which I was stunned the scenario.”
Sherlyn did not name any cricketers’ wife.

She further said, “The wives of our cricket superstars were snotting white powder i.e. cocaine. Seeing this, I felt what these people were doing and why. Then they were smiling, I also gave them a smile and thought that this isn’t the place I should be. So, I came outside immediately. “Such drug parties goes on with super hype one after other”, she claimed.
Sherlyn further added,” If I had checked the male washrooms, I definitely would have witnessed the same scene.”

The Insta posts on Sherlyn Chopra’s drugs case are also going viral. Through this post, Sherlyn is seen taunting Deepika. Sharleen says, “Deepika Padukone should change her slogan, repeat after me, instead of depression is an illness, drug abuse lead to depression.” Global research says that 90 per cent of depression cases are due to taking drugs. ‘
Sherlyn further said, ‘A few days ago Deepika Padukone said: “Repeat After Me Depression is an Illness”. Today I say that Deepika should update her slogan and say that “Repeat after me narcotism is illegal, repeat after me drug abuse is unsafe. “