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Actress Meera Chopra receives threats on Twitter, files complaint against Jr NTR’s fans.


Meera Chopra became the target of abusive trolls and memes on social media after she said she wasn’t a fan of Jr NTR.

This incident took place when the actress was having a question and answer session with her fans on Twitter. One of her fans asked her to say something about Telugu film actor, Jr NTR, to which she replied, “I don’t know him. I am not his fan”.

This statement led to a lot of rage among Jr NTR fans. The upset Jr NTR fans expressed their anguish by trolling her on social media. They made abusive comments on social media platforms. Online trolling kept getting worse and some even gave rape threats, death threats, to the actress and her family. They even called her all sorts of names.

Frustrated Meera soon afterward sought the help of cybercrime experts and reported the incident as cyberbullying to Hyderabad police.
She even took screenshots of some abusive comments made out to her on her Twitter feed and posted them on her handle.

She expressed her gratitude to her fans in a tweet. She tweeted, “Thank you each one of you for supporting me. Let’s make this place safe for women and take down those losers who abuse and give death threats. Let’s raise our voice against hashtag #womenabuse #rape #pedophilia #hooliganism.