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Actress Elliott Page gets divorced after revealing she is trans

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Actress Elliott Page has recently revealed that she is a trans.
The past experience of recognizing his true existence cannot be express into words. I will support sexual minorities. Elliott Page had told that “From now on I was him or them”. Elliott Page himself shared a post announcing his trans personality.

Now the news is that Actress Elliott Page has got a divorce from his partner. Elliott and choreographer Emma Portner married in 2018. Now both of them have made it clear that they are divorced. The couple says they will remain, friends, even though they are not together. Earlier, Elliott Page had said that his last name would be him and his name would be Elliott Page.
Elliott shared a page post saying he wants to tell you guys, I’m trans. Emma Portner came to the scene in support of Elliott’s decision. Elliott is a Hollywood actress who played the lead role in the movie Juno. Elliott Page said he would be there to speak out against attacks on sexual minorities.