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Actors turn Entrepreneurs. Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh to start their own plant-based meat venture.

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Famous Bollywood actors and star couple, Genelia and Riteish start their own new food venture -Imagine meats. In the year 2017, the couple turned vegetarian and gave up on meat.

However, in order to minimize animal killing, as an alternative to meat, this couple has introduced plant-based meat. So plant-based meat is basically vegetarian food with the taste and smell of meat. It’s just like meat but vegetarian if that makes any sense.

The point is if you’re craving meat really bad but you also don’t want to eat it. This plant-based meat will let you enjoy meat without it being really meat. I’m bad at explaining this, let’s see what the actors who turned entrepreneurs have to say about their new venture.

Recently, when asked about the plant-based meat food company, Genelia said, “Seeing firsthand the innovation underway in the global food industry, Riteish and I were encouraged to take this big step and bring to you delicious foods which are so much better for the planet. We want Imagine Meats to be the choice for anybody seeking the taste of meat, without the guilt of environmental and public health impacts – just as it will be for our own family. It is our mission to make the world kinder and safer for our children, and this is a great start.”

Backing up her statement, Riteish said, “I have been a hardcore meat eater who turned vegetarian 4 years ago. Let me be honest – there have been times when I have craved the taste and indulgence of meat. With plant-based meats around, I am a much happier vegetarian now. I would rather just imagine meat.”

Plant-based meat is trending globally. The news was out recently that famous fast food outlets, KFC to are planning to produce lab-made nuggets to stop cruelty towards animals.

“Plant-based meats have immense potential to help us safeguard planetary health, without sacrificing our tastes. India is taking its first steps, in a sector which is soaring globally and demonstrating a model to save the planet. With our agricultural biodiversity and the opportunity to benefit our farmers and talented workforce, India can be a lynchpin of growth for the global sector,” said Varun Deshpande, managing director at the Good Food Institute India.

This, in fact, is a great initiative taken by Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh. It’s promoting more plant-based food and at the same time, it’s creating awareness about how we need to stop killing animals for their meat or any other produce.