Actor Vijay | ‘Not into politics, legal action if name or picture is used’; Actor Vijay rejects his father’s party

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Actor Vijay has said that he has no connection with the party like his father SA Chandrasekhar. Fans should not join the party in name of his party. Vijay said in a statement that he would take legal action if his name or picture was used. The actor came up with the explanation after the news came that actor Vijay had applied to the Election Commission to register the Fans Association as a political party.

It was first reported that Vijay had applied to register the organization under the name ‘All India Commander Vijay Makkal Iyakam’. It has been reported that the name of the party will be announced later. His father SA Chandrasekhar, who is also the director, has been included in the application as the general secretary of the organization and his mother Sobha as the treasurer. Chandrasekhar is currently coordinating activities related to the Vijay Fans Association.

“Today, I came to know through the media that my father SA Chandrasekhar had formed a new political party. I would like to sincerely inform my fans and the public that I have no direct or indirect connection with the party they started. As such, I am not responsible for any political activity that may occur in the future. My fans don’t have to join that party because my dad started it. The party has nothing to do with us or our organization”. “If my name, picture or the name Vijay Makkal Iyakam is used, legal action will be taken,” Vijay said in a statement.

A few days ago, Vijay’s father and director SA Chandrasekhar came on the scene to discuss Vijay’s political entry again. He said Vijay would enter politics when the people demanded him and turn the Office Association into a party. Chandrasekhar’s response came amid rumours circulating on social media that Vijay would join the BJP. He had said that the question of whether to join the BJP was irrelevant.

It was big news that the Income Tax Department questioned Vijay during the shooting of his new film ‘Master’. As part of this, they raided the star’s house. Fans had alleged that the action against the actor was politically motivated. Vijay had given clear political hints in recent films like Mersel and Sarkar.