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Abnormal development in the head due to excessive use of the phone, bones taking shape like horn: Study.

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The smartphone has changed the lives of people in many ways. Sometimes the advantages are never with the loss. Experts also give us guidance on counting the many losses and benefits of the smartphone and its use, and in this order a study has emerged that is very annoying.

A research of Australia’s ‘University of Sunshine Coast in Queensland’ has shown that people’s head bones are growing abnormally due to frequent phone screens, which are like horns. However, it is growing on the back of the head, not like the animals but in the rear. University researchers found this symptom in 18 to 30 years of age.

According to ‘’, more than 200 youths were given X-rays during research, which found that there was an abnormal rise in their head bones, also known as ‘Enthesophytes’.

Researches have surprised the scientists. The scientists who lead this study say that abnormal growth is a pressure on the head bones for a long time, when we use the smartphone for a long time, our head is tilted forward.

MRI scans and blood tests were done to confirm this. Thereby, the argument was rejected that the abnormal increase in bone has been caused by genetic reasons i.e. this increase is directly due to the new technique.