A Youtuber wanted free hotel, got 40 million bill.

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If you have thousands of followers on YouTube and a lot of followers on Instagram, then you will start thinking about yourself as a celebrity. Many times, some people want to take up the free service on the basis of their followers, instead of promoting that place on their accounts. But a girl got bigger in front of such a deal.

One youtube proposed in front of a hotel in Dublin, Ireland’s capital, that she wants to stay with his partner for free during his Valentine Week at his hotel, and instead he will promote his hotel on his social media accounts.

The girl wrote in the mail, “I have 87 thousand subscribers on YouTube and more than 76 thousand followers on Instagram. We want to stay at your hotel from February 8 to 12 and in turn, I will promote your hotel on these social media accounts. Even before this, I have made such deals with the Florida-based hotel.

This mail from the girl got angry with the hotel management They decided to put their mail on their Facebook page, but without highlighting its name. The hotel owner wrote in his long Facebook post, ‘got your mail. Thank you for taking the time to write it. It takes great courage to write such a mail. ‘

The owner further wrote, ‘If I want to stop you for free instead of promotion, then who will pay the hotel staff? Who will pay for all of your room cleaning, receptionist, waiter? We also have social media accounts and there are 1 million 86 thousand followers on Facebook, 80 thousand on Snapchat, 32 thousand on Instagram and 12,000 followers on Twitter. But I have never asked for anything free from anyone till date. ‘

After this post was viral, 22-year-old YouTuber came forward and talked through a YouTube video. He said in the video that I had made this offer only with good intention.

However, the entire dispute is not over here. After the controversy grew, it was given by the media institutions of many countries. After which there is a new turn. Hotel owner Paul Stenzen sent a bill of 44 million 10 thousand euros (40 million rupees) to youtube.

The hotel shared this bill on Twitter and wrote that in nearly 20 countries, 114 articles have been found in the place, which is read by 45 million people. In return, he has to pay this amount.