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A new jet made by China will be reached in 2 hours New York. Big Country like America, Russia, India shocked.

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China created a hypersonic jet which could fly at a speed of 6000 kilometers per hour. Chinese researchers claim that the speed of this jet is five times faster than the speed of the sound according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this jet plane passenger and goods can be pitching in New York for just 2 hours. Usually it takes about 13 hours to travel from Beijing to New York.

Cui Kai, who heads the team of researchers, also said that the pitching New York journey through this jet with hyperSonic speed can be decided only in a few hours.

The team said that the model of this jet was first tested in an airline. The speed at Concorde was 2,179 kilometers per hour, if its speed took 8600 kilometers per hour, then its speed was at the speed of the Concorde. There are two layers of wings in this jet, which help reduce the intensity.

However this hyperSonic jet is quite expensive. If a senior of the research team thinks that traveling on this jet, the rent of one side is around 16 lakh rupees.