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A man in Turkey attacked the woman by refusing sex on her face.

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Istanbul, A very painful incident happened with the famous tourist town of Marmaris in Turkey. A man from a female tourist asked for sex in the hotel room and attacked them badly after denying them. According to the news published in The Sun, the accused man made a tremendous blow to the woman’s face, after which her face is also difficult to come to identity.

The fracture caused to hit the face of the woman several times on the face. The victim’s woman has been identified as 35-year-old Emma Higginson and in her room the blood stains are visible on the floor, wall and sheet. The woman’s face was so badly hurt that when the mother and sister of the victim reached the room, they could not believe it.

Turkish police has arrested a British car salesman Deaclan Marshall for allegedly assaulting women and hurting dignity. The woman said that I want people in the world to see how a cruel person has done violence with me after refusing sex. The victim said that due to denial of sex, such violent behavior to any woman should be severely punished.

The victim told that he had met Marshal in a nightclub and he had no place to stay overnight. The victim told that she had allowed her to stay on the couch of her hotel room in the night with the intention of helping.