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A Guide to handling Long-Distance Relationships during Lockdown.


Romantic relationships are hard, but they’re even harder if you cannot meet your partner for months because of the COVID-19 lockdown. The pandemic has changed the way we live in a massive way and while some have adapted to these changes to survive, others are struggling to come to terms with it. People in love, especially those in long-distance relationships, are doing their best to find moments of joy and romance amidst the new norm of social distancing and lockdown. So how do you maintain a long-distance relationship during the new normal? Here are six tips to help you keep it human during a time when society is relying on technology more than ever.

1. Set up a time to talk every week 

It is completely normal to feel like shutting yourself out from the outside world at uncertain times like these. In fact, at times, it can seem like the only way to deal with a situation like this. A lack of routine and face-to-face human interaction can make it difficult to see the bright side, and the thought of a chaotic group call on Facetime or Zoom may put you off having regular chats with your loved ones. 

Nonetheless, maintaining some form of social life is important for your sense of wellbeing, so pick a handful of people you like talking to and set a time to talk to these people every week. Setting a consistent time to chat will help you to bring some routine to your week, while also giving you and your loved ones something to look forward to. 

2. Communicate effectively 

Make every call and text count. Don’t multitask during phone calls. Put distractions away and focus your energy on giving your loved ones the attention they deserve. If it gets too overwhelming to reply to texts all through the day, choose a time during the day when you want to respond to all your texts. 

3. Find ways to have fun remote dates 

If you are trying to keep a romantic relationship alive at a time you can’t physically be near your partner, you can make the most of it by getting creative. Make a point of coming up with creative date ideas, such as watching a movie together on Netflix Party, cooking the same food together on a video call and having a virtual romantic meal, going through old photos, or simply taking a personalized quiz online. 

4. Start a project together 

Starting a project with loved ones is a great way to stay connected without having to ask questions like “what’s new?”, to which most of us do not have much of a response. 

Your project can cover be anything you both are interested in. You could make a joint playlist together of your favorite music and make sure each of you adds at least one song to it every day, start watching a new web series together – watch one episode each day and then talk about it later in the day, or set a fitness goal and strive to complete it together. 

There are plenty of ways to be part of your partner’s routines without being physically present, and a project can help focus your energy on things other than discussing the latest facts and stats or talking about when you are likely to see them again. 

5. Get creative 

Canceled plans and an inability to meet your partner or your loved ones can be both frustrating and distressing, but there are creative ways you can maintain your long-distance relationships. 

If you once bought flowers for your partner on the regular, get them delivered. If you went on morning walks with your partner, you can wake up at the same time together and go for a walk while on a call with them. If you are a crafty person and like giving your partner handmade gifts, you could make them a video collage putting some of your pictures and videos together with your favorite song as background music. 

6. Try to avoid fights 

Fights are inevitable in any romantic relationship. Especially when you cannot see each other, there is an increasing possibility of communication gaps and more fights. However, for this exact reason, it is important to let little things slide by and not turn mountains out of molehills. 

Since face to face interaction is not possible at the moment, it can get difficult to resolve fights over the phone or on the text. Sometimes, it is best to just let things go to keep the peace in the relationship. 

While it may feel like all hope is lost and there is no light at the end of this tunnel, and the prospect of seeing the people you love seems poor, take solace in the fact that technology is on our side – and there will always be ways we can use it to make us feel closer than ever before. 

Story Written by Simran Kaur.