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A glimpse of what space looks like. Video shared by an astronaut.

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On the 22nd of July 2020, an astronaut, Bob Behnken shared a video on Twitter that went viral instantly. It has just been a few hours and the video already has garnered over 61,000 views.

Recently, NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration) has been making headlines for its space missions. On the 30th of May, two astronauts traveled to space by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

One of the two astronauts walking in space is Bob Behnken who mesmerized his viewers by sharing a fascinating video from his space trip.

The astronaut took to his Twitter handle and posted an incredibly amazing clip. The shared clip showed a portion of the earth’s atmosphere from outer space. As the camera moves, small patches of violet flashes can be seen among the dark clouds. The caption of this post read, “Lightning from above. The violet fringes are mesmerizing.”

This video received a lot of recognition and love from the netizens. People spammed the post with many comments. One of the Twitter users wrote, “Imagine if your re-entry was in a special suit! You could skydive from there. That’d be so cool.” While the other asked, “Wow. How could you quickly capture that! Or is it an ongoing continuous recording?” Another comment read, “That’s so amazing to see lightning like that!”

A Twitter user wrote, “Breathless. Hypnotizing.” Many Twitter users made requests for a longer clip of the scene, one of them wrote: “Please share the full video.”