A Day In The Life Of COVID Warrior: Must Read…


Have you ever wondered how it is to be living with the beautiful eternal soul called Corona? Well, if not then do so now. It’s unfortunate that society has been treating the COVID positively tested people the way that they shouldn’t be. Let’s look at the other side of the coin now and know how it is to be living with Corona.

Where did it come from?
It’s one tough puzzle to join the connections and get the link to how you got Corona from, it can be from your maid, it can be from your cousin, it can be from any Tom, Peter, and Harry you don’t even know about. Despite blaming them it is wise to start your relationship with Corona and try it out.

Quarantine Days
Your two-week journey begins with new and never experienced emotions. You feel butterflies bouncing in your stomach. Excitement, numbness, anxiousness starts filling in. Calls from loved ones start pouring in which makes you feel strange. You wouldn’t be comfortable with the sudden attention.

Initial days would pass by in a blink of the eye trying to adapt to the newness. Then gradually Corona does it’s job of giving you it’s introduction, You start realizing slowly that you don’t feel hungry like you used to before, you start coughing and sneezing like never and most importantly you can’t smell anything.

The Journey is something you didn’t want to have but wanted to have at the same time. It’s the time of mixed emotions where utmost priority is to be given to your health physically as well as mentally. Everyone knows for a fact that the environment that is created around the patients is something that is scary and something that no one would want to experience but “Having Corona is just completely Fine”

Testing Negative Finally!
A sigh of relief when you see the word “Negative” on your report. You feel lighter, you feel free to fly again. After all these days of not meeting your loved ones including your own parents, wives, and children…you can now cherish all the moments to come.

Knowledge is power, the more you know about a certain issue, the less fearful you may feel. So making sure to access and believe only the most reliable sources of information is essential to stay healthy in the mind

The lockdown applied to three main areas: physical movement out of the home, social distancing when outside the home, and restricted availability of most public services while sparing essential services. There was a sudden and drastic alteration in the daily routine, with many millions stranded in boarding houses and rental apartments, without work and far from home.

Academic work ground to a halt, with auxiliary staff like cleaners, security guards and gardeners suddenly being thrown out of their contractual work. Earlier studies have shown that this sudden loss of employment, along with financial stress or even distress, could enhance the psychological impact on the working community, shown by symptoms of increased aggressiveness and post-traumatic stress.

However, the impact of the lockdown is likely to be heaviest on those who are alone, poor, already psychologically burdened, or out of the mainstream at baseline.

One such group is the sexual minorities, which are already excluded from most mainstream Indian communities. Such individuals may quite well be unable to visit others in their community, which put their sex lives on hold and encouraged online pornography as a means of coping with their sexual needs. These disruptions in sexual lives, in addition to the on-going stress due to the lockdown, could also persuade individuals to (mis)use pornography for coping, which could further lead to depressive symptoms.

Another more needy group is the community of old and sick people, often without immediate family caregivers in the vicinity. They are known to have a higher risk of acquiring the infection. Those who are exposed to potential sources of infection on a daily basis are even more likely to be stressed about the possibility of not only becoming infected but carrying the virus home to their families and friends.

So be safe, and do things that keep you happy and healthy both physically as well as mentally. With people dealing with anxiety and instability during this time, it’s important to look at things from a different perspective.

Just Hope

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