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A 50-year-old woman stands near open manhole for 7 hours during rains to warn commuters.

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Mumbai has been fighting the torrential rains since the past few days. While most other people were trying their best to stay indoors, a 50 year woman stood near an open manhole, drenched in rain for almost 7 long hours to warn the people passing by.

The woman’s name is Kanta Murti. She’s a flower seller and a mother of eight children. Five of her children are now married while the other three and still studying. Kanta Murti’s husband is invalid and so she looks after her family.

This incident happened at Tulsi Pipe Road in Matunga, Mumbai. Kanta Murti was forced to open the manhole as the water level was rising rapidly and yet there was no one from the BMC to help.

A person who was present there, took a video and posted it on social media. The video instantly went viral and everyone appreciated Kanta Murti’s selfless act.

Kanta Murti lost her house and all her savings due to the rain. Talking about her family, Kanta Murti said, “I support my three children’s education by selling flowers and I am the only earning member in the family as my husband is paralysed after meeting with a railway accident.”

Apparently, Kanta Murti was scolded by the authorities for putting her life in danger. She said, “I uncovered the manhole and drained the water. Then I stood there to warn vehicles. BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) officials later came and scolded me.”

Mumbai rains are notorious for creating havoc. Over the years many people have lost their lives during the monsoon season by falling into manholes. This issue began gaining a lot of attention most notably after Dr Deepak Amarapurkar died after falling into an open manhole during the Mumbai monsoons in the year 2017.