9 meaningful steps to take if you honestly care about mental health.

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“Mental Health needs a great deal of attention. It’s the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with.” – Adam Ant.

Mental health is EXTREMELY important. I couldn’t stress this enough. Mental health is more important than the test you’ve been breaking your head for or the interview you’ve been so flustered about or the lunch date you had been waiting for so desperately. Mental health is above everything. Focus on yourself, take care of yourself. Mental health had always been neglected by people. However, the untimely and unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has made all of us rethink conversations around mental. Here are 9 meaningful things you can do in order to contribute to mental health.

• Stop labeling people

Calling people names based on their appearance, weight, skin, complexion, examination marks, religion, community, nationality, gender, sexuality or personality really affects people. Though you might think it’s all fun and games the person is actually hurting.

• Don’t talk behind people’s back

Backbiting is extremely rude and mean. Behind the things we see in people, is a life that we know absolutely nothing about. Everyone is going through something, though they don’t talk about it openly, don’t reduce people’s lives to gossip.

• Think twice before you troll someone online

It’s very easy to roast people or troll or make fun of someone on social media because you don’t have to confront their feelings in a person. Or maybe it’s just your insecurities that you have been pinning on others. Being unkind is so not cool, stop being mean.

• Avoid giving casual advice

Don’t use phrases like ‘try being happy’, ‘it’s all in your head’, ‘it’s nothing, you’ll be fine’, ‘don’t overthink about it, it’s nothing serious’. You are wrong. Mental Health is a serious issue. Do not give casual or wrong advice. Recommend professional help.

• Don’t trivialize mental health

Stop misusing words related to mental health or mental illness. Avoid using words like ‘depressed and ‘anxious’ casually. We don’t truly understand how tough it is for people struggling with mental health.

• Listen more

We live in a cruel world where everyone has something to say but there is no one to listen. Wrong advice lead to wrong choices and even worse consequences. So if you don’t know what to say, just offer a listening ear. Not everyone wants your advice or solution, some just want to be heard.

• Introspect on your behavior

Think about the times when you were unkind, mean, or rude to anyone, especially your loved ones. Do better if they needed help. Make amends. Reach out for help if you need it. Don’t neglect your mental health.

• Be kind, always

We are collectively going through the toughest time as a generation. With a number of issues going around, pandemic, deaths, cyclones, earthquakes. Everyone is going through their own battles. Please be kind to everyone, no matter how happy they are or how much they tell you they are fine. It takes nothing to be nice to someone.

• Be there for people

So there have been a number of stories and tweets all over social media that read “I’m here for you” and stuff like that. Don’t just put up a story saying ‘you’ll listen’ if you don’t intend on doing so or don’t really have the time. When someone reaches out to you, support them, be kind to them and really be there.

Times are tough on everyone. The least you could do is check on the ones you truly care about. Spread positivity!