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8 ways to not be used by someone you like


We often let people take advantage of us just because we like them. They take us for granted and we don’t say anything to them just because we don’t want to lose them. Most of the times we are not even aware that we’re being used, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. So, here are 8 ways you can use to not be used.

1) If it feels wrong, don’t do it

Always trust your insticts. If your gut tells you, it’s wrong, don’t do it. Believe in yourself, don’t settle for less. Believe your heart. If it says something is wrong, it’s time to leave.

2) Believe red flags

Look for signs. You will see many red flags when you’re in a relationship. Don’t ignore the red flags, believe in them. No matter how much you like a person, you need to stop making excuses for their behaviour.

3) Don’t fall in love with potential

Don’t rush. Don’t fall in love with potential. You will end up resentful if you fall in love with potential. Or maybe the potential will never come to fruition.

4) Know when to let it go

When you know you are not being respected or appreciated enough, it is time to let it go. You deserve someone who loves and respects you. If you’re doubting, know you have to let it go

5) Remember your worth

You must be your first priority. Always remember your worth. Don’t let people walk all over you. You are worth all the happiness in the world. Don’t settle for anything less.

6) Be careful who you vent to

It is the sad truth that most people will use your weaknesses against you. Bottling up your feelings is unhealthy, you should vent, but be careful who you vent to. Not all want the best for you.

7) Trust patterns, not apologies

People often apologise for the same mistakes over and over again. Don’t trust their apologies if they are not changing or even trying to. Trust the patterns. If they do it all the time, leave before it exhausts you emotionally.

8) Don’t lower your standards

Stop settling for the bare minimum. You’re a king/ a queen. You should be treated like one. Don’t be with someone who treats you like trash and don’t ever lower your standards and settle for less.